Saturday, September 12, 2009

under the weather {for Two}

we are at home and sick... It is the first time we find each other sick together and it's not a good thing... only we are in good company :)
How sick are we? Well let me just tell you I just rediscovered the feeling of horsey-ride on C. legs... hahaha! yep we are that sick :)

{tea for two} for the peaceful moments
I love this picture by Dimitri Caceaune who calls himself an experimental photographer. I would honestly take that word experimental away. I love his work!

and a {scrabble pillow fight} for the crazy once.. hahaha! Yea still with looOove.
Check out the amazing work of Stephen Read Industrial Design , via Zeynep Kinli Wordpress

1 comment:

Crystal HW said...

yeah, both being sick can be no fun. Hope you both feel better soon!

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