Sunday, October 18, 2009

{kids} il Bavettone

I've been around kids enough to know they do get durty when they eat.. no matter what.

Come on, how many of  you have thought to grab a big tablecloth around their neck for the pleasure of seeing their clothes clean and neat with not even a little red sauce mark on it? And for the sake of our mental being, yep! I did!
Well, someone did put it in a design piece for all of us and I loOve it!
Bavettone is a huge bib made of tablecloth.

The past week I've been looking around for some cool gift ideas for baby boys, since I've been invited to 3 different baby showers. But oooh goodness I do have a big problem finding ideas for boys.. I might end up making some of this amazing Bavettoni ha! But wait, do you think they would end up getting spoiled with it?? I just think that as much as the kids can have a great fun making a mess hopefully learning to stay at the table to eat and not making food flying around even more, the mother is enjoying her piece of mind :)

{Great Design by La Baronne , via Ohdeedoh . Available for purchase here}

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