Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've got some ~ Food obsession

Have I ever told you I do have some food obsession in the art of Photography? Well, I do.

I'm not sure how this all started. Probably the fact I like la buona cucina, to cook since a little girl, and especially bake so much, and taking pictures, and to eat so much ...hahaha yea that all together makes it all possible. My dad sais I remind him of his grandmother when I cook. And that's a compliment from what I heard. I guess I have to thank that Italian part of me for that.

{photography by Karen Mordechi , via Sunday Suppers with recipes!}

Oh wait, I actually know how it started. It goes back some years, about 5 years ago? I happened to find a beautiful, very big calendar with this huge pictures of some food delights. Beautiful, beautiful pictures for such a cheap prize, I couldn't resist (bought it at Aldi / back then I think I was shopping in Kostanz, Germany with my dear friend Cathrin). I remember I bought more then one cause I thought it made great Christmas presents. I kept one for me and my kitchen and since then I used it over the years just for the beauty of those pictures. I've tried to track the actual photographer, but with no success.

It's only this past year that I got more accustomed with blogs and realized the many talented people out there in the making of beautiful images of such colors and tastes.

I've been thinking to start some kind of blog with the new discovery of food styling & photographers out there,  and maybe I'll do it one of this days. Of course the winning combination would be photography and great chef. Oh I love that combination!

I'm one of those who would like to get the recipes of what I'm so delighted of seeing. I can't just see something so dang good and not wanting to run in the kitchen to start making it on my own way, yea with a little twist. I rarely cook with recipes, or let's say I use them as a base and then go with my own mind. That's the fun of creation. But still you need that base and it's so much fun to see the creations of others. It inspires! There's a lot of talented people out there!

And believe me, a recipe with no picture, gives just 1/2 of what's his potential.

{pict. Aran Goyoaga , one of the greatest inspiring chef I've just found. I love her work! Take a look at Cannelle et Vanille}

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