Friday, December 4, 2009

Vintage Advent Calendars

If you are a sentimental like me, you probably find that the things that remind you of your childhood keep popping out of your memories and bring a special magic especially now around Christmas.
Who knows, maybe I'm talking only about myself, but Christmas is definitely the time where my taste go in direct semblance of my childhood.
And maybe that's why I still think that the old kinds of Advent Calendar are the best. You know? The one with those beautiful drawings. No chocolate, no candies, just beautiful drawings that give you the chance to dream a little more..
Ok I need to show you some of them:

The past years I've found a little shop in Winterthur-Zurich, Switzerland, where they sell them. Oh I started making a little collection for my future kids. I know crazy, I know.. Never done it before but I was afraid that by the time I'll have kids, I won't find this beautiful pieces anymore.

But maybe I was wrong cause they are still around and here is a place I found online where they sell them in the States. GREAT! Granted not all of them are the same style, so you have to look for the good once. Take a look at  

and happy old memories!

1 comment:

Crystal HW said...

Merry Christmas! I agree, little things like the advent calanders can bring so many memories so quickly.

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