Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I really need a sewing machine! {Sewing challenge}

I don't think I've said it out loud enough yet, but YES I do need a sewing machine.
I was supposed to make so many things by now, but .. what can I say. You get married, change country, live with 2 suitcases for few months thinking that is gonna change and then you realize after a year 1/2 that's still all you have hahaha! Crazyyy, but ooooh I would do it again in a heart bit!

Now my question is, how do you win a sewing machine if you don't even have one to start with??

Well, for those of you that have the chance don't wait a second, Bernina sewing machines are top quality! Yep talking about being SWISS! hahaha!
All you have to do is reinvent the Two Ton Apron (pdf) by Kathryn Goodman. Important take a look at the Rules of challenge, and get to work!

Two Ton Apron the how to.. can't be easier then this. The fun part is the creativity and imagination you can put in it. So get creative ladies!

{via burdastyle}

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