Tuesday, March 23, 2010

scents of Spring

Finally Spring is here
I love love love this time of year, in fact it has been my favorite since.. always I think.
The colors, flowers, the new amazing scents of nature in the air and.. the sun :)

I love Portland, it is so much a place where you can really enjoy the best of this season. Walking around here is so dang normal.. It brings me back to my origins, back home in Switzerland. I love it here.

{Portland - Rose Garden - Spring '10}


Sara said...

I love your photographs! Who says you need to see the camera screen to take beautiful pictures?

Naomi Alice said...

hahaha thank you Sara. OOOh I love this gardens.
You might want to know that my camera officially broke.. It's just simply not working anymore after taking some shots at the farmer's market. What can I say? I guess it was about time that I would get a much better camera after all hahaha :)

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