Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ooh paintings!

Janet Hill  I need some of your paintings! They are fantastic! 

Her Portfolio is amazing.. So many to choose from. It is impossible to just pick one, but oh it makes you go back in time and dream in this softness and delicate world :) I love it!
Somehow I have a weakness for those pastries, shoes, flowers and of course dresses :) But again.. the more I look the more I have more favorites.

I'll for sure need to get me some of this until we actually have the place for something bigger. Well untill my husband and I will finally settle down somewhere.. anywhere... please? moving twice in 3 months, not fun knowing there is more to come.


Rodrigo Nardotto said...

she is great!

Naomi Alice said...

I know, she really is! I feel like painting now!

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