Monday, May 3, 2010

grocery cart

{or shopping trolley or carrello portaspesa, carrello della spesa}.

Haven't you ever wished one?? I did, well I still do.

So, this is for Sara and I, cause after talking tonight about it I did go online right away to start looking for the "world of grocery cart" out there.
I've always thought they are so useful, but remembering my grandma's grocery cart in old style fabric and old design I thought so many times to design something a little more fashionable as long as functional. And please with some more colorful fabric!

Little did I know there are companies out there who have done it already, and here is a little snick pick of what I've found.

First from Italy by Foppapedretti. Simple and bright the GO TWO collection. I love the big wills cause it looks like it won't have problems standing and working right. Also the bag is made with washable and resistant fabric with a simple design.

By Foppapedretti the GO UP collection. Very easy to pull around with a big capacity and  an internal thermal pocket.

From the UK here comes Rolser.  Their products are made in Spain, with great design and trendy materials.

There's a verity of models, with different options: more wheels, folding trolley, and the regular models.

when a shopping trolley folds down to a size of a bag.. Amazing!
I haven't really found a company here in the US, but I'll keep looking.  Beside you can find the Rolser cart also here in the US. { the container store}.

This is the model we saw tonight on 21st. street down town Portland. It surely looks much better on this picture, maybe cause the guy that was pushing it (and not pulling it), didn't have such cute things in it :)

From Argentina Violraviol. She has an incredible go green design of products and accessories for the house. Even this carts are made in metal and fabric. Some of them are made in plastic rests from tablecloths. A better description of her work is here, and sells online here.

For now my favorite is the Italian design, the Two Up. and the Violraviol one.
Let me know if you find anything else Sara :) I think this would be a must for who lives around this neighborhood. I really think down town Portland should have a shop where they sell this kind of grocery carts. Seriously, if not here.. where?? :)


Sara said...

I love how some of them fold flat when not in use! That was, among the non-cute factor, one of the things I didn't like about the one we saw. But wow, you had a successful search.

You know I am emailing this to me for future reference! :)

Naomi Alice said...

hahaha, yea I like what I've found. Now though, back in LA I can't really use one of this.. or maybe I could???

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