Friday, May 28, 2010

happy 5 SwissMiss

and that's how the Swiss party.. :) 
I love their Studio booth. Something tells me there was a lot to drink :)

Hey but the party is not over! For more info about joining the celebration in NY or virtually wherever you are by posting a picture of yourself go here. Let the Swiss in you come out! hahaha!

{Studio booth, via SwissMiss}


Lisa said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and an extra big thanks for the kind things you said about me in that post a few down.

Glad you love the Taga is my new most favorite thing in the whole world. Now I just need the weather to cooperate so Elisabeth and I can actually go riding :)

Anyways, I can't wait to explore your blog more too!

Lisa said...

Me again :)

Do you live in Glendale?(I just saw the Glendale 2nd ward button) My parents both grew up in Burbank and my brother still lives there now. We go down and visit once or twice a year.

Naomi Alice said...

Hey Lisa,
so happy to hear from you.
I did live in Glendale for 1 year 1/2, then how can I say it? We did move more then once in few months. We are now back to LA, still trying to decide where to find a place called our home, while right now I left my husband to be here in Switzerland to spend latterly the few days my dad has left (cancer) with him and family.
Wherever we'll be, we wont be very far from Glendale, so any time you come visit it would be so great to meet you :) .. if you have any time and all. I know how precious time is when family is around.

Please do post more picts. of you, adorable Elisabeth and great toy Taga bike! hahaha :) I'll see if I can send you a couple sun beam your way :)

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