Thursday, May 27, 2010

small delicate memories

I'm not sure what it is. But I think it has to do with being back home at my parent's house, seeing my dad dying that brings all tuns of memories in my mind.
When I was little I used to play in the nature so much. I was never tired of being in fresh air, green grass, colorful flowers and singing birds. One of my favorite things to do was waiting outside in the garden for my dad to come home. I would check the road, looking down the very end of it to see if I could start seeing his head peaking up from the hill. Then I would start running down to jump in his arms for a big kiss.

this dress is absolutely deliciously so delicate!

My sis and I used to share a room growing up. We didn't have much but my dad always made sure to create something new for us every time we needed something. Like new tables, chairs, pillows. After all being an upholster & decorator pays back in wonderful ways. Our room was full of colors, different materials and cozy vintage toys that made our world a dreamy one. 

{dress by Trelise Cooper, picts. via Small Magazine}


Sara said...

It is nice that you are able to spend time with him and reflect on all of those memories! Thanks for this. It has me remembering times with my own father that I hold dear.

Naomi Alice said...

Yea, fathers special :) I think now on I'll never stop thinking about memories.. It brings back tuns of immotions and feelings.. wow!

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