Thursday, June 10, 2010

gardening is a serious thing

I love this pieces
I really like this bamboo garden markers. I should have thought to do something like this few weeks ago when I was out and about planting squash, lettuce, tomatoes and flowers. The Braided Raffia Hat is just for a good common sense. After getting the first tan, all you want is to save your face from early aging :)

I've been doing quite some good hours of gardening and ooooh thank goodness for gloves. Love them! Everything is easier, faster, just dang right with it.  I still have quite some work to do. My parent's garden is quite big and for next weeks I'm here I'll do all I can to keep it up. I still have some seeds of the gigantic pumpkin! Yep I do. Found it in California and sent it here to Switzerland.. Yea I know, not something you are supposed to do, but my dad is the master of pumpkin. I didn't resist to send some for his birthday last March. He didn't make it to use them, but I'll do it for him. I need to see this pumpkin grow, somehow I think he would be happy too :)
Last and not least some sun protection wipes to refresh and keep it up with the sun. I love to discover new things. I'd love to try this Nunki Weeder. Apparently cooper is better then iron and steel. It naturally improves the soil and strengthens the health of crops by increasing water retention and deterring slugs and snails. Also it makes planting easier as it reduces friction with the soil, as the curved blade effortlessly scuffles the soil and loosens roots. OOOH I need this for weeding the garden!!!

{Terrain is a spot to discover}

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