Thursday, June 10, 2010


Mmmm I love raspberries. My mom has a freezer full of it.
This only cause my dad used to work out in his big, big garden everyday, all day long. He had a passion for it and never went too little with things. Here outside there's plenty of raspberry, blueberry and blackberry trees. It's lovely really. My dad was an artist of green, plants, fruit and flowers.

From the many things we need to do right now, I decided I need to help my mom get rid of all that raspberries before the new ones will come.. soon, in few months. We need to make space in her big freezer. I won't be here long, I can't bake too many cakes, tarts and all. Something light and not to heavy would also be advised. That's when I thought a good well made gelato is the answer :) In this house dinner could be skipped but not dessert made of gelato and wiped cream :)

So here I am looking up for recipes. Oh this is my world. From old recipe books I've found in the house, to new fresh ideas online. Oh there's quite a selection. Simple is the answer, but not without a little touch of mine :)

{ my dad's garden, Raspberry Pavlova by Dr. Oetker , Raspberry granita by Good Food}

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