Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hopp Schwiiz, Forza Svizzera, Vive la Suisse, Go Switzerland

If we win today, tomorrow 10% at Migros, I sure hope so :)

Tout le monde gagne avec Migros

Le cadeau Coupe du Monde de votre Migros: si la Suisse gagne contre l’Espagne, vous gagnez aussi 10% de réduction le jeudi 17 juin 2010 sur tout l’assortiment dans tous les magasins Migros, Melectronics, SportXX, y compris Outdoor, Do it + Garden Migros, Micasa, Obi ainsi que dans les restaurants Migros*.
Match de groupe de la Suisse:
mercredi 16 juin: Espagne – Suisse


Naomi Alice said...

yes yes YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Grande Svizzeraaaa!! Beautiful! SO happy right now!!!!! :) Oh gosh so happy hahahahahahaha!

And yes tomorrow I'm gonna go to Migros, everything 10%!

Sara said...

They probably weren't expecting a win against Spain! Way to go! (because I am POSITIVE you, personally, had something to do with the win). Yep, you can't change my mind on this.

Apparently PizzaHut offers coupons for free pizzas whenever there is a goal against France. This one cracks me up, because I don't like the French national team.

Naomi Alice said...

You are awesome Sara! :)

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