Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{little-project} will start this year

The past year I've been collecting little projects I want to make for our kids, and with our kids. Due to the fact I'm not even pregnant with our first this might sound a little crazy, but I don't care. This year as soon as I can I'm gonna start something and I can't wait.

This are a couple I've just added to the oh very long list. I just love the colored tee-pee and the fact my husband when I told him about it, said we should make one in our living-room even now just for ourselves :) Love my honey sooooo much!
Strawberries are my favorite, so I think this one is more for me hahaha :)

{tee-pee pict. via Lavande and Limes, strawberry sachets by Terrain via Lifeflix. It is extremely easy to make but if you need patterns and tutorials are all over. A few for you: by Lifeflix,  Bread and Button and Moda Bake Shop}


Sara said...

You crack me up! You should totally make one. It will be like camping in your living room.

Crystal HW said...

Toopee? I know them as a Teepee. The natives lived in them years ago. In fact, the world's largest Teepee that was at the 1988 Winter Olympics now resides in Medicine Hat.

I am in the works of making one of those myself!

Naomi Alice said...

hahahaha I can't believe I messed that up. Yes Crystal it is a teepee. I had to ask Christian how you call them in English and I guess I did forget that fast.. :)
Are you really making one of those? OOh can we see pictures pleeeeeease?? :) I love to see what people come up with.

baci N:)

Sara, you bet we will!!! hahahahaha, so much fun :)

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