Monday, July 12, 2010

it feels good

to be home. No matter where that is.

The trip went fine. It was long of course. Switzerland and LA are never close enough. When it becomes longer then 24 hours I just stop counting..
I got to hug my husband again after almost 2 months. If I have to count the fact we saw each other only for a week before I left, then it is over 2 months. Either way, somehow being together it is even better now :) I feel extremely blessed, that's for sure. He's so dang great. I think somehow he's even greater now, is that even possible?? yes it is :)
We promised each other we'll never do this again. Being away from each other for so long. It is crazy! But I got to hug my dad again, saying goodbye and be a little with my mom after that. This are things you just don't plan ahead. Being married for only 6 months and find out that my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, your life just changes. Even that fresh newly weds excitement is dissolved in pieces by a crude and hard reality. That isn't something you plan, or wish or could even see it happening. I thought we still had time ahead, our future kids were gonna have grandpa Emilio teaching them all the secrets of good nutrition, hard labor, simple life, good taste, laughing hard, passion for nature and all the things that are oh so good and oh so beautiful.
I hope that I'll be able to do all that, and to make my dad known to our future children by telling them all about him. Somehow I hope I'll be able to bring him alive in their lives. I think my husband is not too worried.. I have so much of my dad in me if I want it or not.

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