Tuesday, July 6, 2010

one of those days..

It is a day where I just realize how much I have thought of others and not enough of myself. Oh gosh when am I ever gonna learn this lesson? At the same time it just couldn't be different.
As much as I'm so exhausted I'm pretty happy and glad for all I've accomplished while here in Switzerland. I'll be leaving very soon now, to go back to my home, my husband I haven't seen for almost 2 months now. It has been quite a ride, hard, sad, happy, a little of everything but in big, BIG doses. Quite an experience. I'm not even gonna try to explain it cause I don't know where to start. But I do feel my dad very close to me, in a way I didn't even thought possible. It is great. I don't miss him like I thought I would, with that sad, desperate emptiness. He is close to me.
Somehow in me though I have the fear that taking a plain and get so faraway from where he built his life and finished it, I won't feel him that close. I know.. silly of me. I know I'll be taking him with me no matter where I'll go and be, but for now I have to deal with this feelings.

I have new goals for the next months, year. I hope I can be as good to myself as I'm to others sometimes. I hope I can get that balance I once had to make my life a little easier and oh much better. I'll just need to follow my new motto of the year "one thing at a time" and I'll be able to accomplish everything.

For now, so long and see you in L.A. My husband-my home :)

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