Friday, July 2, 2010

measuring cups

Two days ago my sis, brother in law, a friend and I were talking about the fact that United States still has this weird measuring system.. no offense to anyone please, it's just that the rest of the world uses something else, how in the heck can't we have one system everywhere? It would make things so much easier. I still have to get use to it now living in USA. But then you put your eyes on things like this, and you just can't help it to exclaim how beautiful and how you would like one of it.

Now am I happy I have to deal with measuring cups!! All I need to do is to get me some beautiful pieces like this. I love the flower theme oooh beautiful!  OH Anthropology you always amaze me :)

{all by Anthropology}


Sara said...

Ooh, you gotta love Anthropologie!

We just like to be difficult, I guess. It is annoying, our measuring system being different. I have several recipes that I have to convert over all the time...of course, if I was smart, I would write the conversion down but I never seem to do it. :)

Naomi Alice said...

same with me, I did with couple recipes, but then I should do it more often with all the others. At the end I just get the recipe I need online to make it quick and easier.. :)

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