Tuesday, December 14, 2010

best cities to spend Traditional Christmas

by Travel Blog Magazine this are the best.

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This time of year I might be dreaming of a cabin in the woods, but I can't miss to feel like putting on some glows and scarf, and freeze my nose running around a nice city. Christmas Markets are my favorite around this time, and here are some of the best. OOOh dreaming.. The places I've never been are now on my traveling winter wishes list :) Every place is so unique and so beautiful! .. and if you notice, in every city there is snow!

Prague, Czech Republic
A Caleche in Quebec City, Canada
Christkindlmarkt in Vienna, Austria
Rudolf in wonderland - Rovaniemi, Finland
Ice skating in Cologne's Heumarkt, Germany
Central Park NY
Grote Markt Square- Bruges, Belgium

{photos by: Prague- Rich Pick, Quebec- Imapix, Vienna- -12C & Seandalai, Rovaniemi- Leo Cheung & Roomman,  Cologne- Koelerweinachtsmarkt's, NY- Edzone, Bruges- Bruno Misseeuw & G Batistini}


kalanicut said...

SO beautiful & charming. Thank you for sharing these. It's my dream to one year attend a Christmas market in Europe. I loved Christmas in Scandinavia.

Naomi Alice said...

Oh Scandinavia must be wonderful.. my husband who has lived there some time, talks about it with a nice spark of light in his eyes. Just that makes me dream.. :) Happy HOlidays to you!!

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