Tuesday, December 14, 2010

mom to be.. some day

I've never posted this (see below).. who knows why, but I am posting it now cause I just want to remember this time. Very shortly after I wrote this, on August 11th 2010, I actually got pregnant.. what are the odds??? hahaha :) Oh the intuition of a woman, it is precious!

"Ok, how should I say this?
Today I received my first 2 maternity tops! ha! :)

I know, I'm crazy, and my husband thinks so too, since.. well no I'm not pregnant.. yet. But that's how I do things. If I'm going to do something then I start doing it even if it's not here yet. I get prepared and how can that be bad? Worth it every penny since I got it for so much less, I waited for sales and I got 2 nice maternity tops from Shade which I loOove. Now just wish us luck that I can use them soon :)"

{by the way, after the miscarriage the shirts are now still in a bag, waiting to be used.. let's see what the new year will bring, right?}
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