Sunday, December 12, 2010

P A P E R decorations {patterns}

We still don't know where we'll be for Christmas. Not only, we are still unpacking since we just moved. We really don't have much, we need furniture, lamps, all kind of things. And.. I don't think we'll have a Christmas tree this year.. I know sad.
But I like this ideas of making things yourself with p a p e r. Little resources, it's exactly where I'm at and I really love this ideas and patterns by artist Jurianne Matter.

My absolute favorites are this adorable angels. I love to read the words of Jurianne Matter in the making of this adorable little pieces and finding out where they ended up. I can see how each one of them is so precious to her.
{everything by the great artist Jurianne Matter. Her Angels are available for purchase. Find it here.
How lovely she even gave out the pattern for the Paper Christmas Tree and the pattern for the Danish Paper stars} {via Decor8}
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