Wednesday, October 21, 2009

{Christmas} a new kinda wreath

Paper-Doily Wreath
{by Martha Stewart - how to}

I wasn't looking to make any wreath for Christmas, but this one really got my attention.
It is for sure very different from what I'm used to. I usually like the real thing. You know what I mean? Well, real fir branches, fir cones and so on.
But what I like about this one is the light. The simple magical bright lights effect of candles flickering in the snow.

It doesn't look too hard to make.
All is provided by Martha Stewart , here is the tutorial for you:

Tools and Materials

24-inch wreath form, (from
30-inch wreath form, ( ")
24-gauge wire
white spray paint
20-foot strand of white holiday lights
paper bouquet holders called "Biedermeiermanschetten"
(here is used ten 8.8-inch ones, twenty 6.4-inch ones, twenty 4.8-inch ones, and fifty 3.2-inch ones) from

Step 1

working on a covered surface, lay a 24-inch wreath form inside a 30-inch one. Attach them with 24-gauge wire at 6 to 8 evenly spaced points.

Step 2

In a ventilated area, coat combined wreath form with white spray paint. Let dry.

Step 3

Wrap wreath form with a 20-foot strand of white holiday lights (test lights beforehand), leaving the plug end unwrapped (as much as is needed to plug in).

Step 4

With scissors, widen the center-hole slits slightly in paper boyquet holders (here is used 10 8.8-inch ones, 20 6.4-inch ones, 20 4.8-inch ones, and 50 3.2-inch ones). Poke a finger through center hole of each bouquet holder (from front to back) to create openings lare enough to accommodate a lightbulb.

Step 5

Beginning with largest ones, place bouquet holders evenly around wreath, slipping a light through each hole so that bulb bases, not bulbs, rest against paper. (From time to time, hang wreath, and step back to ensure that the arrangement is balanced and attractive).

Step 6

Add remaining bouquet holders in descending size order, Use smallest bouquet holders to cover centers of larger ones and to fill in any gaps. Hang near an outlet. Unplug when unattended.

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